Heys CompuEZ Case, Black, One Size best offers

Heys CompuEZ Case, Black, One Size B001AHGCG89G212 | The flexibility of the compuez increases its durability. High quality flexible plastics are used so that the outer shell can flex to ‘absorb’ the force of the impact, and thus preventing any cracking. The shell then flexes back to its original shape. This ‘flexibility’ is a key component of its durability. Four wheels provide mobility with minimal effort. The 4 japanese made wheels used on the compuez provide such fluid motion that only a minimal amount of effort is required to push or pull your case. The compuez can be pushed, or pulled on 2 wheels as well as being slid on 4. Manufactured with built-in tsa lock which allow security personnel to inspect and re-lock your luggage if necessary, without having to break you lock. ( more info … )

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  • Polyestercarbonate Composite
  • Built-in tsa locks
  • Can also be used as an overnight bag
  • Do not wash
  • Imported

Heys CompuEZ Case, Black, One Size

Heys CompuEZ Case, Black, One Size

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